RustConf 2019 Aug 22 - 23, 2019
CFP closed

The CFP closed on Apr 16, 2019 at 11:59pm PDT

Thank you for all submitted proposals!

CFP Stats

88 proposals

The RustConf 2019 call for proposals is now open!

The conference will devote one full day to Rust training delivered by the core
team, as well as a RustBridge event for jumping into Rust geared toward
groups that are underrepresented in the Rust community. That will be
followed by a day of talks and fun with the official Rust teams, users of
Rust, and the broader Rust community. Join us on August 22-23 in Portland, OR!

We'll gladly consider a wide variety of talks on Rust-related topics. Here's a
short list of possibilities to inspire you:

-- Libraries or frameworks
-- Tutorials
-- Community
-- Experiences from production use
-- Best practices
-- Systems programming
-- Web Assembly
-- Game Development
-- Taking Rust to new places (embedded devices, FFI)

The CFP will be open from Wednesday, February 20 through Monday, April 15, 2019.
We'll be sending feedback in rounds, before our final talk selection, so you'll
have more opportunity to polish if you submit early.

Initial reviews and feedback in our CFP system are blind to author details. To
respect this process, please refrain from including biographical information in
your talk abstract or details. Note that this also means if you receive any
feedback, the reviewers don't know who you are. Again, refrain from identifying
yourself (or any existing relationships with the reviewer) in any exchanges as
part of this process.

Talks will be 30 minutes total; if you'd like time to take questions, plan for a
25 minute talk followed by questions.

If your talk is chosen you'll receive a free pass to attend the conference
(we'll refund already-purchased tickets so don't wait; tickets are very likely
to sell out!). We will also reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for all
speakers, up to a max of $1000 per session, and possibly more as budget allows (if you're unsure if this is enough, apply anyway, but talk to us about it upon acceptance so we can sort it out).

RustConf is an inclusive, welcoming conference for everyone. Our Code of Conduct
can be found here.

If you or your employer might be able to help sponsor RustConf, please get in
touch. Every little bit helps!


We'll add to this as we notice questions coming from multiple sources.

1. Can I edit my proposal after I submit it?

Very much yes! In fact, that's the idea—you get feedback, and then you edit to improve, and then you get accepted <3

Also, this means you shouldn't hold up submitting because you haven't finished something like your video yet. Info that doesn't get seen in the blind phase is even less urgent, though we don't want you to put it off indefinitely.

Once the CFP ends of course, things get a lot more final fast.

2. Can I have more than one presenter?

Our thoughts on this are nuanced. The blanket answer is yes, you can submit a talk with as many presenters as you'd like—the app will allow it.

Digging in a bit though, talks with multiple speakers are significantly less likely to get accepted. If we have any, it'll probably be limited to one in the entire program. In practice, they're just incredibly difficult to do well, and so when there are enough single-speaker proposals, we're more likely to choose the less risky path.

Please note: we budget for one sum of money per speaker. Talks with multiple speakers will most likely end up needing to split the provided funding.

3. I submitted a proposal but haven't received any feedback. Is everything alright?

Yep! Not all submissions will receive feedback. This is partially because our resources are limited, but also because some of them will be 100% clear, and no clarifications will be required. So not getting any feedback isn't an indicator of how your proposal has been received.

Also, of course, the earlier you submit, the more likely it is that you'll receive questions and/or feedback from reviewers.

4. My employer can cover my travel expenses. Can they receive sponsorship credit for that?

They can indeed! Please inform us upon acceptance. We haven't added anything asking about this to the submission form, as we don't want financial considerations to accidentally influence final acceptances.

5. Is the venue accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes! You can find more information on this here.

We also have live captioning of talks. If you need any other accommodations or have questions, don't hesitate to email!